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Directions from airport:   turn left out of parking lot and then turn right at second signal (Queen Mary Hwy/Centerline Road/ H70),  left at second signal (H75.....the left turn lane begins about 50' from the signal.....remember, you are in the left lane,) then proceed about twice as far to take a left on H80 (not marked, but there is a Gentle Winds sign on the left on a telephone pole and there is a "+" sign just before you get there,) continue on until you see the lovely entrance to Gentle Winds on your right.   It is a 10-15 minute drive and 5 1/2 miles from the airport

 Directions from Christiansted:  If you are renting a car in Christiansted, be sure and ask them for a map showing you how to get out of town as there are several one-way streets in the center of Christiansted.  Then you just follow hwy 75 west out of town (driving on the left) and turn right on hwy 80 north.    Fortunately, hwy 80 is marked for you coming from this direction.  After passing Salt River Bay you will come to the Gentle Winds entry on your right which is quite easy to see.  We are 4 miles from town and a 10-15 minute drive.


 Directions to Calypso Condo (C-2):   After going down the long palm-lined drive you will veer right at the guard shack and we are the third building on the left named St. Croix.  All the buildings are named after Caribbean islands.  C-2 is on the end nearest the entrance and we are up eight steps.  The lock box combination is **** (we'll email you these numbers.)  Please leave the key in the lock box.  The keys for your use are inside hanging on the key rack.  The one tricky thing is that in order to close the door to the lock box, you have to hit "reset" and then **** again in order to get the latch to go down so you can put the front cover back on the lock box.  (The first time we came across one of these we never did figure it out until someone showed us.)


Security:  We have a security guard at the entrance during the evenings and all weekend to assure that only owners and guests use the property.

Condo Information:  There will be a notebook inside the unit with all kinds of information about the unit including the phone number of our housekeeper and our cell phone and home phone.  You will also find recommendations for restaurants and activities.   It's nice to organize your time so that you are sure to hear the steel pan bands and see the mocko jumbies (stilt dancers representing benevolent spirits.) 

Concierge Service:  You may want to have your unit pre-stocked with food.   Just give us your shopping list and our housekeeper will have the refrigerator stocked for you on arrival based on your shopping list.  There is a $25 per hour shopping charge plus purchases. 

Typical Questions:  Click on the link to "Questions and Answers"  (Q and A

             Centerline Car Rental:  toll free 888-288-8755; or 1-340-788-0450  

Taxi Service:  Taxis are usually waiting in front of the airport up till the last plane comes in.  Taxis can be reserved ahead for late arrivals.  Toll free 866 788-1045,  local 340 778-1088   Taxi Rates  

Recommended Reading:  "Don't Stop the Carnival"  by Herman Wouk sure appears to be written about the "Hotel on the Cay" (pronounced "key") which sits just off Christiansted but is actually a compilation of many all too typical scenarios throughout the islands.  "Life in the Left Lane" by Emy Thomas is a small paperback book and tells about life and customs on St. Croix and her life after retiring here.

Recommendations for restaurants, activities:   We just copied and posted a rather lengthy and current Review of restaurants from Trip Advisor's St. Croix Forum 2017.  You can also check out links to "Guest Reviews" and "Why Visit St. Croix" below.  We have a notebook in the unit with our personal recommendations for dining .  New from a Facebook posting (2018)

Get a Feel for the Island (live video cam of harbor 24/7)      Travelogue by Marjie Lambert of Miami Herald published 10/25/2013  Travelogue by Inside Press  

Questions and answers about visits to the island:  

Check Out the Calendar of Events: or   See what will be going on when you will be there and plan ahead                                                          

Snack Shack: Usually closed Sept/Oct.  Reduced hours May to August.

Scuba Links: Everything you wanted to know about diving in St. Croix


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