·        Never walk or sit directly under a coconut palm as coconuts can fall unexpectedly

·        An automatic defibrillator is located in the mail room beside the office.


·        Pets are not permitted on the beach, in the pool area or on the seaside of any building and must

      be on leash at all times with all animal waste removed


·        In consideration of other guests, Tikis and chaises may not be reserved in advance by placing a

      towel or tote on them in the morning

·        Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult at the pool

·        Only plastic drinkware is allowed in the pool and beach area

·        For safety, please lower and tie pool umbrellas before leaving tables


·        Owners/managers are responsible for all repairs such as A/C and clogged toilets.

·        The office only handles water and power to and from the units plus insect control and internet

      service.  Be sure you have a contact number to call if you have other problems


·        Lockouts should call the unit owner/manager first; if the Gentle Winds office/manager is called

      after hours, there is a $75 fee

·        Information about activities, restaurants, and grocery stores are located in the mail room beside

      the office (not in the office)


·        BBQ’s may not be used on the landings, walkways or grass (upper patios only)

·        The BBQ’s by rec room are available to be shared by all without reservation

·        Chairs etc. may not be placed on the lawn for lounging


·        As electricity is so expensive on the island, it is hoped that no one would leave a door or

      window open when the A/C is on and the thermostat should be set above 75

·        All lights and appliances should be turned off when not in use and when you are out

·        Our water is quite safe to drink as we have a reverse osmosis system and ultraviolet filters; but

      water is a precious commodity in the islands and should not be wasted


·        We also have our own sewer system which cannot handle anything other than “nature’s own.”

      In other words, “flushable wipes” and sanitary products are not flushable


·        Remember to always say “Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening” before starting a conversation

     with locals as it is considered basic good manners


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